"strange dolls"...an amazing art doll website

i've had this website under my "favorites" for years...i keep on going back to check what other images she comes up with...they are all "dark & moody"...a little "goth" or other worldly, BUT i'm always fascinated by them.
you know how you look at things and for some reason something just clicks. you're not influence by trends or styles & what's "cool" this week...i think it "clicks" when you finally meet up with a visual artist who knows how to tell a story...doesn't matter the genre, but just tells a good story.
this artist is an excellent storyteller !!!


byrheea said...

I love the gothic style!! Would love to checkout the website if you don't mind giving me the address. Thanks. :)


Ellen said...

oh rheea...all you have to do is click the pictures...they're all linked to the site...you'll be blown away by her work...and if you can image she doesn't show all of her dolls!