Another "1000 Market" favorite...Gougogao

what can i say about these fine designers...their banner says it all..."nothing. everything"

their garments are exquisite, yet understated...i dreamed i could fit into all of their line, even being a rather vertically & horizontally-challenged figure, i still have dreams of fitting into the "edge coat" :)

please checkout their site...it's gorgeous! http://www.1000markets.com/users/gougoloft


Debbie~ said...

OMG-oodness Ellen, You are so right about Gougogao!!! I love the Drama of it all! So... this girlfriend from wet, soggy, dreary, windy,drizzly,rainy Washington thinks,"You only have one life to live! I say go for it, and wear what you want, when you want, and flaunt it"!!!
Love Gougogao's style!!!

Debbie~ said...
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