OMG DEB...i'm a belated Eva Cassidy fan

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Debbie~ said...

Jerry & I saw one of the taped shows, late one New Years eve...laying in bed with the loud 'BooMs of the neighborhood fireworks going off. We turned to one of these programs and were completely and totally enthralled by her voice and both of us fell in love with her and not till the end of the program did we know she had died...we both just sat and cried! We easily became HUGE Eva Cassidy fans...I've ordered CD's from her family, and her sister writes a little note...they've even sent me a bumper sticker...I have all of her CD's, (I hear there's a new one they've been putting together),I should go check the family web site and see if it's come out yet...Seriously Ellen, I still get goose bumps listening to her...I'm so thrilled you've found her too!
Sometimes I just go to YouTube to see/hear the videos they have of her singing live...It's fun to go to her guest book and read what people say from all over the world...every age too...She's huge in England!

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