In Celebration of "peace & Love at "1000 Markets"


1,000 Beautiful Things Photography said...

Hi, Ellen. I wanted to make sure you received your canvas. I hope you like it.


Ellen said...

omg...i thought i wrote you...please forgive me...my mind wanders.

YES i got the art piece...i immediately placed it in my little gallery area...there is much more detail than what could be seen in your pic...it's terrific tia...thank you so much for the trade.

Sue Choppers-Wife / http://peacelovemarket.com said...

cool video! you should share it at the Peace & Love forum ( or the peacelovefanclub.com forum) cuz you really showed a lot of the merchants! Well done :)

Ellen said...

hi sue...if i knew how to do that i wouldn't be the dazed & confused neo-techno star that you've come to love.

in my world all i would have to do would sing a pretty morning song to the birds outside and have them tap out the magic of "video transportation", as they pick-out my wardrobe & help me dress for breakfast....DAM YOU WALT DISNEY WHEREVER YOU ARE!