1KM Favorites Series...JoJo Bell

joanne harrill is the owner/ creator of "JoJo Bell"...when i was browsing thru the "wearable art market" and stumbled upon her shop...i stopped in my tracks & almost cried...what wonderful craftsmanship & vision...i know 'envy' is a sin..just call me a sinner. i love her wire wrapped jewelry...it's light & airy and lyrical. i have seen quite a few wire wrapped rings, and they all look the same to me...BUT joanne takes the time & skill to make embellishments on the band of the rings as well as a complex & layered dome of her jewelry. BUT look also at her more clean & simple pieces...just a continuation of the line & fluidity of her work...all of which is exquisite. checkout her site: http://www.1000markets.com/users/jojobell

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