OMG ! ...Isn't this gorgeous!

just to let everyone know...up until now, i've never promoted anyone else's work on my blog...not that i'm ego-centric, but because i am a major NON-TECHIE...plus a lazy "b" as well :) ...just a fact for you newcomers to my blog, so going to my hubby and asking how i can transport pics off the web was a real challenge for me. BUT OMG...when i saw this wonderful etsy shop, "school of charms", i just went bananas. i love the way she combines the elements of vintage, retro, & kitsch together to compose these remarkable jewelry pieces.


lhansen said...

Love your Blog Ellen....and Love that you featured me in it!!! I feel very honored to have been "chosen"~ Thank you so much!

Debbie~ said...

Ellen, Love your 'Bird Series', so much so, I blogged about ya!!!BBB :)
Check it out!

Maren said...

Wow - thanks for the link!

Your stuff is so pretty - I'm glad I found your blog!

Alyssa Willis said...

Those are beautiful!

So detailed!