knock...knock...who's there?

finally, i'm back in. just to let everyone know...i was lost for a long while because i forgot my password and refused to admit that fact for a number of months. when i did remember, i quickly made an entry praising another indie designer and clicked to published but only got an on-going blinking circle that finally stopped to announced that my entry was lost for some unknown reason and may or may not be sorted out in a few days.

after a few days i checked back...but again i couldn't get into my blog site. i had written down my password so i knew that wasn't the problem...but you know what, I'M BACK!!...i don't care how it was done. there may be something very scientific to explain it or maybe there is a slight visual similarity between the wire sodering pattern on my motherboard to the baby jesus...but i'm not concerned...i'm just so happy I'M BACK!

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