Chana Bean... mysterious & pinch of surreal

I'm quite sure she is better know in her country of Japan... BUT here, i hope her name will become more familiar to us all...NATSUO IKEGAMI

I saw her artwork shown in a group presentation of the Etsy Japan Team and I was awestruck ever since. it reminded me of something...

when i was a young girl my father subscribed to the "New Yorker"magazine...not sure why, since he couldn't speak or read english (or so he said)...tho I suspect he knew some, being the "intellectual" that he was. I use to like the little cartoon-like illustrations that had no captions... they seemed to have a "secret" joke or view that was meant to be mulled over in my head that always "filled me"... with the "secret" answer, or a controversial view, or a confusion of thoughts & ideas I hadn't contemplated before.

As she says in her profile, her art work is mysterious, inspired by experiences in daily life & contains a hint of surrealism. Her Etsy shop is beautiful BUT if you want to spend some inspiring time looking at a chronological journey thru her world, go to: http://www.little-planet.org
here you will see the more professional artist... resume, galleries, past & present shows and, more importantly, see the progression of her drawings & paintings.

More sites: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natsuo & http://www.japanfocusetsy.blogspot.com

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